Georgia Fall POTA Sprint
Georgia Fall POTA Sprint

In 2022, the Colquitt County Ham Radio Society held a "Club VS Club" POTA event to help bring local clubs together for a friendly competition. The event has taken on a different feel for 2023 as we have opened it up to the entire state of Georgia, and we are including individual activators in the event.


This year we have changed the name to the "Georgia Fall POTA Sprint", but please don't confuse this with the event. It's totally different. The sprint is only four hours long, and there is no category for hunters. This doesn't mean that hunters can't participate. If you're looking for a chance to work a new or rare park in Georgia, this could be the time! Look for us on the air from 10am to 2pm Eastern local time on October 28, 2023!

Activators in Georgia, please go to and register to activate. Yes, there will be scores posted, but winning isn't the goal here (although N1RBD's club plans on kicking WD4KOW's hind end, and there's nothing we can do to stop them!) It's an opportunity to get out there and have another excuse to play radio in the Parks on the Air program.


Here are the scores from 2022. The scoring mechanism was based on QSOs per hour to accommodate those that only wanted to play radio for a short period of time. This year we changed the scoring, and we shortened the event.

For more information about the Georgia Fall POTA Sprint, head over to and click on "Georgia Fall POTA Sprint Forms/Rules/Register" for more information. Let's have some more fun on the air!

-Robbie W1RCP (CCHRS Secretary/Treasurer/Trustee)

When: Oct 28, 2023

Time: 10am - 2pm Eastern