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Click here to download 2024 rules V2.0 pdf
Click here to download 2024 FAQ V3.0 pdf
Hunters do not need to submit logs!!!
Please fill out the Participation Form to let us know you participated or plan on participating. You may choose to register before or after the contest. Registering will help us if we need to contact you for errors or awards.
Hunter Registration

Activators, please register what parks and category you plan to operate. If you are not sure if you formatted your ADIF correctly, please go over these tips:

  • Activators must submit their log(s) to!!! Failure to do so will disqualify your scores.
  • <SIG_INFO> should contain a park to park number. ex: K-2195
  • <MY_SIG_INFO> must contain the park you activated for that contact.
  • n-fer contacts must be listed separately with <SIG_INFO> for each park to count as a new contact.
  • Do not send logs from activated parks not in the contest or with contacts outside the contest period.
  • CLUBS! Club logs must have <STATION_CALLSIGN> tag in the log with the club callsign used on the air. Club calls will not be accepted without this field. Use ADIF Master to edit the log.
  • If you have any issues, please contact us via email.
Activator Registration
Scheduled Activations
Activator Log Submissions
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