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Activator Log Submission and Score Calculator

***The log submission window is not open until the day after the contest and will be open for two weeks.***

This form is for uploading and automatically calculating your score in the GA State Parks on the Air contest.
This form allows you to answer a few questions about your activation and upload your ADIF log or logs to be scored!
For individual operators (not a club), enter your personal callsign into the form below.
Name your ADIF logs as CALL@PARK-DATE. Ex. KK4FGM@K-2195-20230420.
For clubs, enter the club's callsign in the form below. Use the operator's callsign in the filenames
If you already formatted your logs with <OPERATOR> and/or <STATION_CALLSIGN>, filenames don't matter.
<SIG_INFO> should contain a park to park number. ex: K-2195 (You may use POTA to verify park to park QSOs before uploading to . This is especially important for users of WSJT-X. To get credit for hunted parks, you will need to manually edit your logs.)
n-fer contacts must be listed seperately with <SIG_INFO> for each park to count as a new contact.
Do not send logs from parks not in the contest or dates outside of the contest period.
Report any errors to Robbie, W1RCP. If you need assistance, feel free to contact the help desk. Please include the confirmation number in the email if your log was submitted.

Clubs must enter CLUB call. Example: WD4KOW. Single operators may enter their personal call. Example KO4NLL

This is in case we need to contact you. We will not share this info.

QRP is 5 watts or less CW and digital and 10 watts or less phone (see rule 5.3).

Club or Single Operator in a Single Park or Single Operator Multiple Parks (see rule 5.1.1).

50 points for 2 successive years of GA State Parks on the Air successful activations/hunting and log submissions (see rule 6.1.3).

50 points if a successful activation was the first time the activator ever activated any POTA entity (see rule 6.1.3).

100 points per park where portable quipment and hiking one mile from nearest vehicle access point (see rule 6.1.3).

Filename format: CALL@K-####-YYYYmmdd - ex. W1RCP@K-2195-2023050"
If your logs are merged and contain CALL and MY_SIG_INFO you can upload a single file
To upload multiple files, use SHIFT+click or CTRL+click to select multiple files at once. You must upload ALL files at the same time to receive your score.
If this is a club upload, logs MUST HAVE both OPERATOR and STATION_CALLSIGN fields.
If you need assistance, email your logs Robbie W1RCP. He can upload them for you.

By submitting my log I understand that my log will be checked for duplicate entries, and duplicate entries will be removed.
Scores will be automatically counted based on my entries on this form and the contents of my log.
If a discrepency is found by GA State Parks on the Air officials, it is their right to change scores accordingly without notice.
***The log submission window is not open until the day after the contest and will be open for two weeks.***